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Is Bacon and Ham Worth This?

What would pigs say if they could talk? because they can think. Would they say I love you, I’m scared, I am happy? As sentient beings pigs are top level in comparison with dogs, dolphins, chimpanzees, elephants and in some aspects even humans.

In fact, Pigs have shown to be just as smart as a 3-year-old human toddler.

Would they ask for anaesthetic when being castrated? Would they ask to see the sunlight in a world of darkness? Do they wag their tails? Can they learn their name, can they colour coordinate puzzles? Of course, they do and can.

These beautiful, loving animals have the capability of being the best pet you ever would own. Of course, living in the western world, the idea of having a pig for a pet as opposed to preferential mammals such as dogs and cats is absurd.

Why do we still eat pork when it has been demonstrated that pigs are one of the smartest animals on the planet?

Mammal in the dictionary is described as;

“a warm-blooded vertebrate animal of a class that is distinguished by the possession of hair or fur, females that secrete milk for the nourishment of the young, and (typically) the birth of live young”

In a world where you think you are free to make your own choice, you have been dictated and lied too. Made to believe in propaganda and been part of the problem without even knowing it.

That is how dominant our culture and government is against us. Instead of the media showing coverage of slaughterhouses and heart disease, diabetes on the rise (due to consuming animal products) even hiding the fact that cancer cells are cut out of the meat that you purchase on a daily basis.

They deliberately hide all these facts because the reality is people do not want to know where their food comes when it doesn’t suit them.

Additionally, the Australian pig farming industry is worth $1 billion in revenue annually!

This is a substantial amount of profit for the government and the industry per year. Taking that into consideration, is it any wonder why we are kept from the truth and lied to about our food? With statistics such as this its hard to not believe that the meat industry, is in fact; corrupt and a perfect example of propaganda.

It boils down to what I’ve continuously said, is the truth is out there and it is up to each one of us individually to do what it takes to reveal it.

Being vegan is not propaganda, it is spreading the truth. It’s an understanding between what is right or wrong with what we eat. Our diet besides the air we breathe is the most important topic regarding our health.

There is so much uproar and demand from people wanting to know whether their food is organic, grass-fed, free range and instead of telling the truth, the government and the industry bombard us with cute images of farmed animals happily grazing in a natural environment in an effort to cloud us and to prevent us from using our own logic and understanding.

Just as long as your food is packaged in marketable packaging, people are always going to buy them, and if you don’t open your eyes or do some research into where and how your food is prepared then you will always be part of the problem, not the solution!

Are you eating pork for iron? I only found out recently that pigs require iron shots in factory farming! Why?

Put simply; pigs receive iron shots in factory farming because they do not have the freedom to go outside and root in the mineral-rich soil to get iron into their systems.

A lot like calcium and protein, relying on pig flesh for iron makes no sense and is no different from us relying on cow’s milk for calcium. I.e. cows do not drink milk and need to obtain their calcium by eating grains and grass which then enters their milk stream. So, I highly recommend looking for iron-rich foods such as green vegetables for example instead of relying on animal flesh for this important nutrient.

Pigs – are an intelligent animal who love, feel and think. They are extraordinary in many ways; therefore, I would like to highlight a study carried out in 2015 by Science 2.0. I will link the URL at the end of this article.

The study finds the following and has been backed up by numerous scientific studies.

They conclude that “pigs possess complex ethological traits similar … to dogs and chimpanzees.” For example, pigs:
  • Pigs have excellent long-term memories;

  • Pigs are whizzes with mazes and other tests requiring location of desired objects;

  • Pigs can comprehend a simple symbolic language and can learn complex combinations of symbols for actions and objects;

  • Pigs love to play and engage in mock fighting with each other, similar to play in dogs and other mammals;

  • Pigs live in complex social communities where they keep track of individuals and learn from one another;

  • Pigs cooperate with one another and show signs of Machiavellian intelligence such as perspective-taking and tactical deception;

  • Pigs can manipulate a joystick to move an on-screen cursor, a capacity they share with chimpanzees;

  • Pigs can use a mirror to find hidden food;

  • Pigs exhibit a form of empathy when witnessing the same emotion in another individual

“We have shown that pigs share many cognitive capacities with other highly intelligent species such as dogs, chimpanzees, elephants, dolphins, and even humans. There is good scientific evidence to suggest we need to rethink our overall relationship to them.”

If a pig has the same qualities such as dogs, chimpanzees, elephants, dolphins and even humans which have all shown to be intelligent beings. How and why did they become our food source when they show signs of intelligence that are levelled close to humans and chimpanzees and also our beloved pet dogs? (Which in our culture is totally absurd to even consider, the idea of eating dog meat, it actually repulses us).

In most western countries across the world, we accept the inhumane practices of factory farming and the cruelty these highly intelligent beings who suffer in the worst conditions imaginable, before being sent to slaughter. It is important to note the pigs are fully aware and intelligent enough to know what is going to happen to them, they are scared, confused and will endure a long, painful and excruciating death process in the slaughterhouse.

We all allow this to happen because in our society this is the way it has always been, how our parents raised us and what food they put on our plate.

Just because pigs are bred for food, does not take away a pig’s intelligence, their capacity to feel pain, fear and misery, it does not take away the love they have for their families and their natural desire to live and not die.

It’s easy for non-vegans to argue “Pigs are bred for food”. However, this argument is foolish, unreasonable and also completely irrational.

In the movie “Babe” and “Charlottes Web” we were all backing Babe and Wilbur in their fight to live. Unlike the harsh reality that 95% of baby piglets who are slaughtered at a young age of just six months old. Both Wilbur and Babe won the hearts of the human characters in this portrayal of a better life for pigs and of course won our hearts watching this from our loungeroom. The irony here is while we were all rooting for Babe and Wilbur we could have potentially been watching this eating pork, bacon or ham in whatever dish you may have been enjoying at the time. Regardless of what you may have or may not have been eating, the reality is that we all were overjoyed that both pigs were left alone and had the luxury of living out their lives naturally and were not sent to the slaughterhouse.

How can we be so hypocritical as a race by not giving any other sentient beings the right to live?

Therefore, this goes back to what I was saying regarding propaganda and the way we have been programmed as a society to be misled on the truths surrounding what animals we should eat and what animals we should love.

While on this subject, let’s conclude this by bringing up a little more detail on what really happens to baby piglets in this terrible industry.

Following is the Process and Mutilation of a baby pig (within days of being born)!

  • First is an iron injection to prevent iron deficiency, this is since piglets born on concrete floors and inside factories do not have access to dig in soil and consume iron at the same time.

  • Then their eye teeth are clipped; this procedure is done to ensure the mothers’ teats won’t get infected because the teeth are very sharp. This is excruciatingly painful for the baby piglet. (Which would never be done in the wild).

  • Next is ear clipping or as the industry calls it “ear notching”. The farmers will clip off parts of a piglets ear in a specific “notch” like pattern which corresponds to the unique number of the litter. Imagine within days of being born having your ears pierced with no care taken!

  • After this grueling process farmers then cut the tail, called “Tail Docking”. This is done on the grounds as pigs get older and are crammed so tightly into tiny pens and spaces, many times out of frustration a pig will often bite another pigs tail if it is not docked. In some cases, if the biting becomes excessive enough to create an open wound to the tail of the bitten pig, it can create a “Feeding Frenzy” which can then escalate in most or all pigs in that pen biting each other and can go as far as eating each other. “This would never happen if the pigs were given enough allocated space and were kept outdoors!”

  • Now comes the final, heart wrenching unfathomable most brutal practice of the process of these babies. If the piglet happens to be male, farmers will castrate him in the most painful way imaginable. No anaesthetic is provided and the castration phase is done with little to no care with extremely rough hands and a very sharp blade.

If you find the processing of these baby piglets horrifying then you are not alone. Hopefully, in some way this will open your eyes and provide you with more logic to the truth, hopefully leaving you hungry for more information which I have linked below. To complete this article pigs are intelligent, deserve the right to live, to be loved and like most animals should have this choice to be their own. Not dictated to them.

If you are interested in learning more about how to become a vegan or you are genuinely curious as to what it means to be vegan and how we can save the animals. Veganism is a lifestyle, not a diet. I have listed some videos that I personally recommend for all to see.

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